Cutting Edge Cultures Starter Culture

There is a growing body of scientific research to support what most cultures have known for hundreds or thousands of years – fermented foods play a critical role in nurturing a healthy microbiome, and a healthy microbiome is an essential foundation for good overall health.  The natural process of lacto-fermentation safely preserves them for future consumption, and the consumption of fermented foods delivers essential nutrients and probiotics that promote a healthy microbiome

In this modern era of widespread refrigeration, the first role has tended to become less important, but the second is now much more important than ever.

Studies of the human microbiome are confirming that gut and digestive health are foundational to overall human health. Modern diets and lifestyles tend to reduce the diversity of our microbiomes and render us vulnerable. For example, antibiotics deplete both good bacteria and bad, and restoring a healthy microbiome can take years after treatment.

Cutting Edge Starter Culture is a synergistic blend of carefully selected strains - each plays a vital role in optimizing the natural lacto fermentation process to ensure that you achieve healthy and delicious results.

This product is specifically designed to supercharge your cultured vegetables, enhance taste and crispness, and ensure that your fermented foods are rich in probiotics.

It’s well established that a rapid drop in pH in the initial 24 hours of fermentation is critical for the safety of the final product. The pH should reduce as quickly as possible in order to discourage the development of yeasts, moulds, and pathogens. The Cutting Edge starter reduced the pH the most during the first day during a controlled study comparing leading starter cultures. Acidification during this timeframe was slower for the other starters, and non-existent for the control.

Each box contains six sachets; each sachet ferments 5lbs of vegetables.

Cutting Edge Cultures Starter Culture
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