Nordic Naturals ProEFA - 8 oz Lemon Liquid

Now in economical 8 ounce size!

Nordic Naturals ProEFA is an omega-3 (from fish oil) and omega-6 (from borage oil) combination. Nordic Naturals provides EPA, DHA, and GLA, important for proper cell signaling and membrane flexibility.

ProEFA is enhanced with borage oil. Rosemary extract has been added for freshness and natural lemon oil for palatability.

One teaspoon of Nordic Naturals ProEFA Liquid contains 615 mg of EPA, 450 mg of DHA, 400 mg of OA, 170 mg of GLA, and 245 mg of Other Omega-3s. Nutritional information may vary slightly from lot to lot. Please call us for exact information.

ProEFA Liquid contains 8 fl. oz.

Nordic Naturals ProEFA - 8 oz Lemon Liquid
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