Great Lakes Beef Gelatin - 16 oz.

Pure Protein, Kosher Great Lakes Beef Gelatin: Unflavored collagen joint care, dietary supplement recommended to be used in recipes.

Please note: Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends consuming gelatin in the form of homemade meat stocks and bone broths.  However, due to customer request, we are offering Great Lakes Gelatin, which we have found to be one of the highest quality gelatin products, manufacturered under low heat from grass-fed cows. 

Great Lakes unflavored gelatin has all the same benefits as the collagen hydrolysate product. Gelatin will clump up in cold liquids. It is recommended to either dissolve in hot liquid or room temperature liquids which allows product to dissolve or swell.

This product is best used in recipes!  It is convenient and fun for making homemade gummies, jellos, and foods that gel, etc. For general FAQs, please follow the link below:

A great resource for all the benefits of gelatin can be found in Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Broth!

Great Lakes Beef Gelatin - 16 oz.
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