Woofey Organic Seaweed Supplement for Dogs

Woofey Organic Seaweed Supplement for DOGS supports an overall healthy coat.  Stops itching and may support skin conditions.  Helps return skins pigmentation especially in boxers.


Lactating dogs - helps to strengthen the puppies bones, increase amount of milk, and support overall health by filling in missing nutrients.


May help stamina and prevent dehydration in gun dogs and racing dogs.  Organic Seaweed supplement has been cultivated from pristine, protected seaweed beds off the coast of Ireland.  Third party tested for heavy metals and contaminants.


Each jar contains 300g.  Recommended daily dosage: 1/2 tsp.


Woofey contains ll the minerals and trace elements soluble in the sea and essential to all living life forms.  Vitamins, amino acids, and other bioactive compounds are contained.



Woofey Organic Seaweed Supplement for Dogs
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