Wise Traditions London 2012 DVD Set

This DVD contains the full proceedings of the 2012 Wise Traditions London conference hosted by the London Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Foundation campaigns for wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts, challenging politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats.

View a 2-minute presentation of this conference here

All talks include video with slides edited in and the presentations and workshop notes are provided on DVD-ROM. Talks and workshop content: 

Sally Fallon Morell "Introducing the Works of Dr Weston A. Price", "Nourishing Traditional Diets" & "Cholesterol Myths / The Oiling of America"
Professor Ton Baars "Raw Milk Quality & Health"
Dr John Turner CD & Kathryne Pirtle "Acid Reflux", "Performance Without Pain" & "A Dietary Protocol for Healing"
Stephanie Seneff PhD "Let the Sunshine In", "The Silver Lining in Heart Disease & Cancer" & "Autism, Alzheimer’s & Depression, A Shared Understanding"
Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride "GAPS" & "Pregnancy & Preconception" 
Elizabeth Wells D.NN "Electrical and Multi-Chemical Sensitivity, The Gut Connection"
Professor Paul Connett & Elizabeth McDonagh "The Case Against Water Fluoridation", "UK Water Fluoridation"
Simon Ranger of Seagreens & Dr Craig Rose "Seaweed & Health"
Maria Tarantino "Vegetable Fermentation Workshop"
Jane Mason "Sourdough Bread Workshop"  

Wise Traditionals London 2012 4-DVD set is 20 hours in length.  Shipping charges are included in the price if shipped within the U.S.

Wise Traditions London 2012 DVD Set
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